Pricing Model

Fixed Price

This model is used when the project scope is well defined by the buyer and buyer wants to limit time and cost exposure. This is a low risk option the customer can choose when the scope and specifications for the projects are reasonably clear. Deliverables, Costs, and Timelines are clearly defined in this model. ISO & SEI-CMM process guide lines we follow ensure reliability, predictability, and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget.

On Site

This is the preferred option when expertise needed at the site to be able to carry out system analysis or to make technical decisions, design considerations which involve multiple resources or group interaction or critical for critical projects deployment or it may be recommended when the user requirements are changing very rapidly. During the assignment, our consultants report to project managers and staff with both horizontal and vertical communication.

Off site/Near shore

This is the preferred model when the client wants to achieve higher value for the better cost proposition.

Time & Material

This is the preferred option when project requirements are likely to evolve during the course of the project or when the client wants specialized skills for a period of time. We can work with you to ramp up the resources to meet your specific need.