Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

We at Aspinsa Technologies Pvt Ltd are committed to respecting your online privacy and recognize your need for appropriate protection and management of any personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) you share with us.

Aspinsa has established this Online Privacy Policy so that you can understand the care with which we intend to treat your Personal Information.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies:

Some of our Web pages utilize “cookies” and other tracking technologies. A “cookie” is a small text file that may be used, for example, to collect information about Web site activity. Some cookies and other technologies may serve to recall Personal Information previously indicated by a Web user. Most browsers allow you to control cookies, including whether or not to accept them and how to remove them.

Tracking technologies may record information such as Internet domain and host names, Internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser software and operating system types, clickstream patterns, and dates and times that our site is accessed. Our use of cookies and other tracking technologies allows us to improve our Web site and your Web experience. We may also analyze information that does not contain Personal Information for trends and statistics.

Third Party Services:

Aspinsa does not intend to transfer Personal Information without your consent to third parties who are not bound to act on Aspinsa’s behalf unless such transfer is legally required. Similarly, it is against our policy to sell Personal Information collected online without consent.


This site may contain links to and information from third party sites. Aspinsa Technologies is not liable or responsible for the validity of any such content of a third party listed on this site.

Aspinsa Technologies has taken reasonable precautions to ensure that your access to this website is secure and free from any viruses. However, Aspinsa Technologies does not, in any manner and for any purpose, warrant that your access to this website will be secure and free from any viruses or similar destructive software and you are hereby cautioned that Aspinsa Technologies will not, under any circumstances, accept any liability for any damage occurred as a result of your accessing this website. You are expressly advised to carry out your own security precautions and checks prior to and whilst accessing the website.

Aspinsa Technologies does not undertake the responsibility of regularly updating the content herein and does not undertake any liability in any matter arising as a result of any action/ inaction which places dependence upon the information and/or statements made available on this website. Further, Aspinsa Technologies shall stand indemnified by the visitor against any and all claims that arise as a result of misuse by the visitor of the contents and/or services provided within the website.

Limitation of Liability:

In no event shall Aspinsa Technologies be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages incurred by you or any third party arising from or related to the use of, to the use, inability to use, or the termination of the use of this site, regardless of the form of action or claim even if Aspinsa Technologies has been informed of the possibility thereof.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Aspinsa Technologies, its officers, directors and employees from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses, including settlement amounts and reasonable legal fees and costs, arising out of or in any way connected with your access to or use of this site. You agree to seek and obtain written permission from Aspinsa Technologies before agreeing to settle any claim.

Intellectual Property:

Any content contained within this website is the property of Aspinsa Technologies and the site may have Names or Trademarks or Servicemarks or Brandnames of other companies and all of those names are acknowledged and no portion of the content herein may be copied without the express permission of Aspinsa Technologies for any purpose whatsoever.