Technology Support

Custom Application Development and managed solutions:

We understand that each organization is unique irrespective of whether they are small, medium, and large and so are their business strategies, market segment and customer base and unique requirements. In order to best cater to their unique needs organizations require custom IT applications tailored to their business needs that can best fit with in their IT strategy.

We undertake and develop customized IT applications whether it’s a client server application or 3 tier application for you to take advantage with in your business environment with quickest possible time to market and affordability.

Custom application development is capable of producing practically any feature you may desire for your site. Time and money are virtually the only limiting factors and this process is totally “customer driven” with comprehensive and systematic analysis of the customer needs.

Leave the pain of managing your existing IT operations in terms applications and their periodic enhancements or what we call as quick hits. We understand how critical managing and maintaining the IT applications can be on which the whole business runs and can put you virtually out of business if not managed effectively.

Our well thought out and meticulous process has you covered. Below is the process we follow for better operations management.


Enhancements can be categorized as low, medium and high depending up on the effort involved and will follow change and release management frame work of the existing organization. If there is no change or release mgmt in place we will design one for you to adhere to.